Department of the development of the volunteer movement

When the institution was founded, the volunteer movement “Astana Jastary” was created. For 6.5 years, volunteers have taken part in over 700 events of various scales. In total, over 8,000 volunteers took part in the events, including 1,500 volunteers who worked during the international specialized exhibition EXPO-2017, for the period from 2014 to 2019, about 4,000 volunteers were involved in various citywide and international events. Since 2020, the City Volunteer Headquarters has over 2,500 volunteers who are actively involved in the fight against Covid-2019 and in activities within the national movement #BizBirgemiz

Esmukhanova Elvira Karabekovna

Head of the department of the development of the volunteer movement.


"Addresses for care"

The Addresses for Care project aims to help lonely retirees and veterans. The range of activities includes: cleaning up snow-covered private properties, preventing floods, help with cleaning apartments, getting rid of household waste on the territory and preparing vegetable gardens for planting, visiting nursing homes and animal shelters. A volunteer in the Addresses for Care project has the opportunity to involve themselves in assisting those who need a little help, which maintains faith in human compassion.

"School of Volunteers"

The project aims to educate and train volunteers to participate in various citywide and international events. Since 2014, the “School of Volunteers” has been working in a two-stage way, which allows us to prepare volunteers for events of various levels. The program covers knowledge on the history of the country, the sights of the city of Nur-Sultan, first aid, the study of the mentality of various countries and conflict management. Since 2019, training in the “School of Volunteers” project has been working in 3 directions: social volunteering, emergency volunteers, international events. Thanks to this project, participants have the opportunity to diversify their free time and find new friends.

«Taza Qazaqstan»

The project aims to help with garbage collection in city and in crowded places near reservoirs and coastal areas of rivers. In the spring and autumn, trees are planted in collaboration with the city’s ecological movements. This project runs from May to October. The main objectives of the event: educating youth on the matters of environment, bringing a sense of responsibility and respect for nature, forming a conscious perception of the natural environment.


Since 2014 volunteers of Astana Jastary have been involved in international events such as forums, concerts, sporting events and many other areas that give the opportunity to practice a foreign language, to get in touch with foreign culture, to see the most spectacular events, to work in large teams, to be active and to develop a systematic thinking.

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