How to become a volunteer?

Volunteering is a wide range of activities, including traditional forms of mutual help and self-help, formal service delivery, and other forms of civic participation, that are done voluntarily for the benefit of the general public.

Currently, Nur-Sultan hosts many significant events of urban, republican and international scale. There is a high need to attract volunteers among the youth who have the necessary knowledge and competence in organizing these events. Volunteering helps volunteers discover and develop leadership and organizational skills, teaches them to be not only a social person, but also to have an active civic position.

– Sports volunteering

– Social volunteering

– Event- volunteering

– Eco-volunteering

– Emergency volunteers

– New acquaintances and friends

– Development of professional and non-professional skills

– Communication skills and teamwork experience

– Participation in global events

– Free seminars and trainings

– Experience

  1. Identity card (passport, birth certificate)
  2. Fill in the form
  3. Get interviewed
  4. Understand if our organization is right for you.
  5. Be confident in your desire to become a volunteer

Application form

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